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An HVLP Paint Sprayer is a high-volume, low-pressure spray gun that is immensely popular at the moment. The reason for its popularity is because it gives you paint at a high volume using low pressure. Therefore, you will find more paint landing on your project with a lot less bounce back and overspray. Follow this article to learn which of the HVLP Sprayers are best for your paint projects.




A closer Look at the Best HVLP Spray Gun

This, by definition, is a High-Volume, Low-Pressure Spray Gun. This particular sprayer is not much different from the ordinary spray gun, which uses a compressor. The compressor supplies the air the gun needs to function. In this case, the HVLP Gun only needs low pressure (LP) to operate. The air supply it uses is High Volume (HV) which atomizes the paint and propels it at low pressure.

However, when using an ordinary spray gun that is connected to a compressor, you will find that it propels your paint quite forcefully. This means that there will be a lot of oversprays, leaving less than 25% of your paint on your project. With the HVLP gun, the paint is dispensed at a high volume but using a low pressure, which causes less overspray and you end up with a far better finish.

The HVLP Spray System özgü two different options. The one is a ‘dedicated system’ which makes use of a turbine. This dispenses the paint in an aerosol fine spray to give you a great finish. This type of HVLP Spray System is portable and small but can be very costly.

The second type is a conversion system, which converts the high air pressure that the compressor produces into low pressure. This will then generate a low volume and supplies a paint spray that is easier to control.


  • Less waste
  • Much easier to control
  • Less overspray in comparison to other spray guns
  • Compact and portable
  • The HVLP Sprayer produces less pollution
  • Large selection
  • Fewer materials are consumed


  • Application is a lot slower than the ordinary paint sprayers

best hvlp paint-sprayer



What are some of the best HVLP Paint Sprayers?


Fuji Semi-PRO 2 HVLP Paint Sprayer

This Paint Sprayer may not have a standard or regular design, but it is by far the best High-Volume Low-Pressure Paint Sprayer available. It comes with an adjustable pattern fan control that can give you a small circular spray, or a spray that is a lot wider. With this amount of flexibility, you will be able to do all kinds of projects with greater ease. This is a non-bleed product, which means that as soon as you release the trigger, the paint stops flowing, so you do not have to clean up any unexpected mess. Another advantage is that the overspray is minimal as compared to many other spray guns, which is a bonus.

FUJI Semi-PRO 2, Gravity HVLP Spray System, Blue
  • Professional non-bleed spray gun with adjustable pattern fan control
  • 1.3mm air cap set installed, 400cc gravity cup, lightweight and portable
  • Metal turbine case with handy gun holder, quick connect coupling and air control valve

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Why is it that many people prefer this product? Mainly because of its strong and sturdy body. The gun as well as the turbine case is made of metal. The spray gun also provides you with precise uniform spray. Due to its reliability and durable design, ensures the HVLP Sprayer can last for an exceptionally long time. One disadvantage of the best HVLP paint sprayer is its weight, weighing in at 26.1 Lbs. It is equipped with a handle on top of the unit, which makes it easier to carry, but it would be great if it also had a set of wheels. This particular HVLP Sprayer does not come cheap, but the fazladan cost is well worth it.



  • Non-bleed with little overspray, making cleaning up a lot easier
  • The body is strong and durable allowing it to last for a long time
  • The fan control can adjust the pattern, which offers flexibility when doing various projects


  • The product is fairly heavy weighing 26.1 Lbs
  • For easier mobility, it would help if it was equipped with a set of wheels
  • This Paint Sprayer is fairly expensive


Wagner Flexio 890 Turbine Sprayer

This type of paint sprayer is specially designed for anyone that özgü no or little experience with spray painting. With this in mind, you will find this paint sprayer özgü everything you need to make it easy to use. This includes easy assembly and cleaning. The system is also light and easy to be carried around and comes with an 11½ foot flexible hose, which is perfect for all those home painting projects. Because it is small and compact it is also easy to store.

You are supplied with a paint cup that holds 1½ quarts of paint. This can also hold an fazladan 20 ounces in the detailing finishing reservoir. The Wagner Flexio 890 özgü the ability and power to spray 8 Gallons of paint per hour. The complete turbine unit stays on the floor, you only hold the spray gun in your hand, which makes it light and easy to handle. The amount of paint in the paint cup allows you to cover a wall measuring 8 x 10 feet in 5 minutes if you can control it correctly.

WAGNER FLEXiO 890 Stationary HVLP Paint Sprayer
  • Great for applying a superior finish on furniture, walls, ceilings, cabinets, trim and more
  • The turbine sits on the ground, keeping the weight on the floor and reducing hand fatigue
  • Turn the X-Boost Power Dial on the gun handle to easily adjust the level of air pressure

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The Flexio 890 özgü its own special patented features. The spray nozzle can spray un-thinned paint with a large array of adjustable spray patterns. These include vertical, horizontal as well as round spray patterns. You can effortlessly change the level of airflow with the air control button. The detailed finishing nozzle also özgü a 20-ounce reservoir of paint. There is no need for special tools for cleaning your Flexio 890 sprayer, as it is easy and quick to clean. This sprayer is also equipped with an X-Boost Turbine Drive System, which gives you more spraying power. The speed and pressure can easily be adjusted and allows you to keep the overspray down to a en az.



  • Lightweight but still strong and sturdy
  • Easy product to use and comes with an excellent user’s manual
  • It is easy to store as it is small and portable


  • You need to clean the nozzle at regular intervals
  • Tends to give a düzgüsel overspray


Earlex HV5500 HVLP Paint Sprayer Station

The Earlex HV5500 Paint Sprayer Station design is fairly lightweight and compact and is suitable for someone who is after a paint sprayer that is portable and comfortable. The weight of this sprayer is only 12 Lbs, which is half that of most of the HVLP paint sprayers presently on the market. Do not let its weight put you off, as it is powered by a 650-Watt turbine and can generate 2.2 PSI. Therefore, suitable for any medium to light project you have in mind.

EARLEX HV5500 HVLP Spray Station Paint Sprayer
  • Designed for serious woodworking, light contractor and automotive enthusiasts
  • Professional metal spray gun and 650 watt turbine provide a superior finish
  • Unit features a flow control dial and a fast push-and-click spray pattern changing system

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It is a very robust long-lasting sprayer that is equipped with a 2 mm stainless steel tip and needle. This sprayer özgü an on-board storage system where it can store the gun, cord, and hose in the body of the unit. The system is also equipped with an easy to carry handle, making it effortless to move around. All these amazing features make this sprayer a very convenient product and well-liked by all its users. One major advantage of this paint sprayer is its flexibility when in use. You can change the spray pattern easily and quickly while spraying.


This paint sprayer is equipped with 3 adjustable settings:

  • Paint flow volume control dial
  • Dynamic control action trigger
  • Fast Push-and-click 3 Way changing spray pattern system, horizontal, round, and vertical

These features make this sprayer perfect when the project you are working on özgü different types of materials such as sealers, lacquers, enamels, and lots more. This is an excellent reliable product that offers good quality at an affordable price. One slight mesele, some users have discovered the hose can easily get tangled which causes it to disconnect.



Home Right C800766 HVLP Paint Sprayer

This model of paint sprayer is cheaper than those mentioned above, but the Home Right Finish Max is great value for money and one of the best HVLP spray guns on the market. It is lightweight and only weighs 3.4 lbs and measures 6 x 11 13 inches. The system is a perfect portable product that can be used outside or inside.

HOMERIGHT C800766 Finish Max Paint Sprayer
  • Paint sprayer that applies a smooth finish without brush marks
  • The best paint sprayer option for painting furniture, cabinets, trim, and more
  • Easy to clean – comes with a useful cleaning brush to make clean-up quicker

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Even though it is fairly cheap, it still offers you some versatile easy to use adjustable settings:

  • Can adjust the spray pattern for a round, horizontal and vertical
  • You can adjust the paint flow to increase or decrease, which alters the paint flow to your project

This HVLP sprayer is specially designed for small projects, which it handles extremely well. The paint sprayer is simple to clean thanks to its straightforward design. The plastic construction makes handling easy with little fatigue to your hands. Because it is one of the cheaper models, you will have to thin certain materials before you start to spray but is still good value for money. There seems to be one mesele with this type of HVLP Sprayer, it does tend to leak occasionally. However, with a better-quality seal, this issue can be eliminated.



  • Offers adjustable spray patterns and spray control
  • Very easy to clean due to its simple design
  • With its weight and size, it is very comfortable and portable


  • Özgü a weak seal that causes it to leak occasionally
  • You will need to thin most paints before you start to spray



When Choosing an HVLP Sprayer, Look out for these Things



You need to consider a paint sprayer model that can handle a variety of different jobs and can also be used with numerous types of paint. This is significant particularly if you are going to do work around the house or in the garden. Try to buy a model that can operate successfully using different paint thicknesses and will not require the paint to be thinned before use.



When buying your corded or cordless paint sprayer, ensure that it features an adjustable spray rate as well as nozzle sizes, and can also adapt to additional tips and nozzles. This will be a great help to you as the different tips and nozzles will give you versatility in spray patterns and finishes.


Outdoor Use

If you want to use your paint sprayer to paint or stain fences, sheds, or any wooden structure, then you need to select a paint sprayer that will be able to do the job. In this regard, you must consider our HVLP Spray Gun Reviews. Learn about the model you want to purchase, you do not want to throw money away.


Length of Hose

If the paint sprayer you have in mind özgü the feature of a remote reservoir with a hose, you must check the hose length. A good guideline for this is that the hose should be around 25 feet long. This will enable you to tackle those out of reach place jobs with ease. Remember, take note of the length of the mains cable, which will allow you to move further away from the power output.



Always check the paint capacity of your sprayer before purchasing it, as this will save you from spending too much time with frequently filling it with more paint. These are only a few of the features to consider before buying your paint sprayer, there are lots more in than we can cover here now. So, spend some time by first checking out all the features and then you will have a better idea of what paint sprayer will suit your needs.



Types of HVLP Sprayers

All of the paint sprayers are handheld, but there are a variety of different types. Subject to where you want to paint, you can choose the right HVLP gun for that task. Of the various types, we will be mentioning only a few. The conventional sprayer using an air compressor, the HVLP sprayer making use of a turbine, the airless sprayer using a suction tube and the handheld sprayer making use of a battery or power cord.

Some of these different types of sprayers are used by professionals, while others are used by DIY enthusiasts. The main difference separating all of these types is the size. The ordinary conventional sprayer is about 6 to 8 inches, while the HVLP sprayer is a little bigger at about 8 to 10 inches. Then you have the airless sprayer, which measures about 14 inches and the handheld sprayer is about 5 inches and is the smallest of them all.

As we are discussing the HVLP Sprayer you must understand that it is supplied with a spray gun tip, and the size of the tip will determine where you can apply the paint.


Tip Size:  0.5 – 1.0 mm

Nearly all of the regular HVLP Spray Gun Kits are supplied with a 0.5 – 1.0 mm tip. This smaller size tip helps you to spray only a small amount of paint, which is perfect if you have some precision painting to do.


Tip Size: 1.2 and 1.3 mm

You can use an HVLP Touch-Up Spray Gun that comes with a 1.2 mm tip and is used when you want a thin paint layer or a see-through coat. The small hole in this tip only releases a small amount of paint each time and is used when applying a base coat. This tip makes it easy to apply the paint and is efficient and quick.


Tip Size: 1.4 mm

Many people who paint cabinets often use an HVLP Spray Gun Kit. This type of painting is usually done in stages, where the last stage is the final coat. All of these stages require a thick layer of paint and the 1.4 mm tip is ülkü for this project.


Tip Size 1.5 and 1.6 mm

When you need a single coat of paint then the 1.5- or 1.6-mm tips are used. They are also used when applying a primer or base coat.


Tip Size 1.7 and 1.8 mm

The HVLP Spray Gun Kit from Home Depot is an ülkü choice when you are doing interior or exterior painting. This type of painting requires a bigger hole in the tip, so the 1.7- or 1.8-mm tips are popular. These size tips are also used for coloring or priming purposes.



Pros of the HVLP Paint Sprayers

The chief benefit of using an HVLP Paint Sprayer is that you do not need to have high pressure to produce the spray. Therefore, the over-spray and waste of paint is eliminated. The complete opposite is true with the ordinary air compressor paint sprayers. Most of the HVLP Sprayers have different spray levels, which enable you to get an even and fine finish each time. This makes the HVLP Sprayers perfect for cabinets.

Let us now have a look at some of the advantages and benefits that the HVLP Sprayer offers in more detail:


Easy to Control

Your HVLP Paint Sprayer özgü been equipped with a regulator in the biçim of a dial, this enables you to adjust the paint spray rate to a fine mist. This means that you have control as to what paint finish you require, as well as how much paint you need for each project. This means less waste and you save money, and you have better results. Take time to check out all the HVLP Spray Gun Reviews, the various models available that allow you to change the tips and nozzles, giving you even better versatility.

hvlp spray gun kit



When it comes to safety, the HVLP Paint Sprayers have a major advantage over the ordinary air compressor paint sprayers, as there is no high pressure needed to produce a paint spray. The HVLP Paint Sprayers make use of a low-pressure system to push the paint through the nozzle, so you are safe from unforeseen accidents that may occur when an air compressor is faulty. This makes the HVLP Paint Sprayers easy and safe to use, even for DIY enthusiasts. Anybody, with a little practice, will be amazed at the results you can achieve.



The HVLP Paint Sprayer is much healthier to use than the ordinary air compressor models, as there is less overspray. Therefore, the spray cloud it produces is a lot less and more controlled. So, the less waste produced, and low power usage makes it eco-friendly as well as economical to run.

When it comes to the green eco-certification, many of these paint sprayers have a high rating, which means you need to check the reviews and information very carefully until you find the paint sprayer that suits your needs.



Since the HVLP Paint Sprayer makes use of the low-pressure system, it guarantees a consistent stream of paint at a reasonable rate. Also, with the fully adjustable control, you will always have the desired finish you are looking for.


Low Maintenance

All the çağdaş paint sprayers today need little maintenance because they consist of only a few components. They are also long-lasting and reliable and most of them have great reputations and reviews. They are also easy to clean with many of them having a flush system, making it easy to change colors during the spray-painting process.



Cons of the HVLP Paint Sprayers

You will find all the advantages and benefits, plus many more, listed above with your HVLP Paint Sprayer, but there are a few points to consider that could be classed as cons.



Compared to the high-pressure system, the low-pressure system özgü a lot slower application of paint. This seemingly disadvantage is easily equalized with all the positive benefits listed above, so it is well worth the effort to consider and investigate the HVLP Paint Sprayer.


Low Viscosity

This might not be considered as a disadvantage, but some of the HVLP Paint Sprayer models may have some difficulty spraying high-viscosity paints. However, this is remedied if you first thin the paint before use. We advise that you check what type of model you are going to buy.



Guidelines to using your HVLP Paint Sprayer


Setting up and Using your HVLP Spray Gun

After you have purchased your brand new HVLP Spray Gun, the first thing you need to do is to go step by step through the usage and quick setup procedure. We also recommend that before you use your new spray gun, you give it a good clean. This is because many brands coat their spray guns with a protective coating to prevent any rust while in the packaging. So, this preventative chemical coating will have to be removed before you can use your spray gun.

Now that you have cleaned your spray gun properly, you will have to follow the setup procedure step by step. Two essential knobs need to be adjusted:

  • the fluid adjustment
  • air adjustment

Most of the spray gun brands like the Fuji and Graco, amongst others, set these knobs at the lowest settings. If you fail to make these adjustments before you use your spray gun, the spray pattern will be more pinpoint and circular. The best spray pattern you need must be more round or elliptical shaped like a football or an egg. The paint should be concentrated in the middle and then slowly fading and tapering out to the end.

With this fan-shaped pattern, you will be able to control exactly where you want the paint to go with a slight overlap on the ends of the spray, but without having a thick layer of paint. To get this pattern you will have to adjust the fluid and air knobs to their fully open position. Now, spray a few kontrol strokes and then very slowly adjust the two knobs until you have achieved a fan pattern.

Remember, when you adjust the airflow knob; most spray guns have an explicit Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) flowrate rating. An acceptable rating is normally between 9 and 14 CFM. We, therefore, suggest that you make sure of this by following the manufactures or model manual. This will ensure your air compressor will be properly calibrated for the type of spray gun you are using.

hvlp paint sprayer


Maintaining, Cleaning and Storing your HVLP Spray Gun

By keeping your spray gun in good working order by maintaining and cleaning it properly, it should last for a long time. As we have already discussed, you need to do a comprehensive, initial cleaning as well as a full inspection of every individual part of your spray gun before you use it. This means you will have to disassemble and clean your spray gun each time after you use it, and then reassemble it again. This may sound like a long and difficult job, but after a little practice, you will be able to do it much quicker.



Basic Steps on how to Use your HVLP Spray Gun

Your new HVLP Sprayer will include a comprehensive and complete set of instructions on how to use your new sprayer. But to help you we have compiled a basic guide.

  • Make sure you check and clean all your spray gun filters before you start to spray. This helps avoid any clogging or build-up of paint. This will increase the condition of the paint spray
  • Plug the unit into the power supply, and make sure that the air hose is properly and securely connected to the unit. Keep your hose clear of any obstacles that could likely cause a mesele
  • For your safety, make sure the area you are going to spray in is properly ventilated, to reduce the level of dangerous fumes
  • Make sure that you cover any area or articles that you do not want the paint spray to reach. Although the HVLP Sprayers produce very little overspray, you could still have a slight mess
  • Ensure that the paint nozzle you are going to use is the correct one for your specific paint application, which will make your job a whole lot easier
  • If you need to thin your paint before you use it, it is well worth the time to first read up on the manufactures instructions. This will ensure you get your desired result
  • Now, it is time to attach the air hose to your spray gun and regulate the correct air pressure. Remember, to spray paint in fine detail, your air pressure must be low, but if you want speed then your air pressure needs to be high
  • Adjust the fluid control. This adjustment determines the amount of paint you are going to spray, giving you either a thin or thick coating. If you adjust the air cap, you will be able to spray vertically, horizontally or even with a circular pattern
  • Time to start spraying. Apply your paint in a steady and even pattern, ensuring that you maintain a constant distance away from the surface you are busy spraying
  • After you have finished spraying, make sure you properly clean each part of your spray gun. If you do this each time, your spray gun will be ready for you to use whenever you want to. This will also ensure the system will last for a long time



Uses of an HVLP Sprayer?

The HVLP Spray Guns have many uses. The main use is for small projects, more detailed work and numerous other applications that require fine paint and a more controlled paint supply.


Automotive Refinishing

A great number of automotive refinishing shops are changing to HVLP Sprayers, as they provide a more detailed finish. This includes inserting details and accents, color blending, pinstripes and many other finely controlled painting details. Remember, if you have a low pressure your concentration of paint is higher, which assists the auto finisher to work more accurately without the concern of misting or excessive paint overspray.


Painting of Buildings

The HVLP Sprayers are not designed to cover large areas quickly. With that said, you could use an HVLP Sprayer to paint larger areas, but it would be a waste of time, effort and paint. So, if you are going to paint a larger area, some other devices and materials could do a better job in a shorter time.

Your HVLP Sprayer is specially designed for finishing work, so you could use it to paint around window trims or on the interior of the building where a more detailed finish is required. If you can use your HVLP Sprayer well, you can add detail to the outlining of woodwork or add more colors to the existing pattern.


Marine Refinishing

Just as with the automotive refinishing, boats and various other watercraft also need to be maintained, especially the waterproofing aspect. This is where the HVLP Sprayer comes in, as it can produce a concentrated paint spray that can reach into those difficult to reach corners. With its precision controls, it is perfect to reach those smaller and hard to get areas all marine equipment özgü. You can then paint or treat those areas with ease.


Woodwork and Furniture Refinishing

When you look around your house there are a lot of those finely detailed woodwork jobs that need to be attended to. What better way than using your HVLP Sprayer to do this. When you want to work inside, be sure to have proper ventilation, and cover the parts you do not want to paint over by using plastic sheeting or masking tape. The HVLP Sprayer will be able to refinish that cabinet, paint those open roof beams, and paint the windowsills, door frames and baseboards without any difficulty.

best hvlp spray gun



Questions and Answers


Why is the HVLP Sprayer more efficient than the ordinary Spray Guns?

The HVLP Sprayer gives you a low-pressure spray with the airflow concentrated at the tip. The low pressure enables more paint to be applied to the surface you are spraying. This means that every time you pull the trigger, around 65% more paint will be applied to the surface you are painting compared to ordinary or airless sprayers.


When Using my HVLP Sprayer is it necessary to thin the Paint?

It all depends on what type of paint you are going to use, as the HVLP Spray Guns have smaller tips than the ordinary spray guns. So, with a smaller diameter tip, the thicker paints, lacquers and primers will be restricted, so you will have to thin your paint to spray properly.


Is it possible to Use my HVLP Spray Gun with an ordinary Air Compressor?

Any DIY, or for that matter, professional jobs can be done using the HVLP Sprayer. But remember that if you are after a perfect finish, you must ensure that the air compressor is capable of delivering the correct PSI (pounds per square inch) as well as the CFM (Cubic feet per minute) that is required by your sprayer.


Is it better to Use an HVLP or an LVLP Sprayer?

The LVLP Sprayers spray at a much faster rate than the HVLP Sprayers, and this is what makes them more popular by both the experienced DIY enthusiast and the professional sprayer. However, the HVLP Sprayer is loved by users as it gives them a perfect, superior quality finish.


Can an HVLP Sprayer be Used to Paint my Car?

The HVLP Sprayer is a perfect tool to spray your car, as it does not deposit excessive paint on the surface of your car, and it özgü better aktarma efficiency. This means that the quantity of paint your spray gun emits will be the same amount of paint that effectively adheres to the surface of your car.


What Air Pressure is Required by the HVLP Sprayer?

You will be guaranteed a great paint flow from your HVLP Sprayer if you set the air pressure at 28 to 29 PSI. Most of the HVLP Sprayers use 10 to 14 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute), that is a volume of air pressure per cubic foot, at 40 PSI (Pounds per Square Inch)


Are there certain Safety Precautions Needed when Using an HVLP Sprayer?

For your safety, you should always apply general safety precautions when using your spray gun, which means you should only spray in a well-ventilated area. Even though the pressure of the HVLP is low, the sharp spray tips can injure you. We recommend you wear eye protection equipment to avoid paint spray going into your eyes. Also, use a pair of gloves for protection. Always control the use of your spray gun and never aim it at an animal or person. Depending on your air compressor’s decibel rating, it may be advisable to wear some ear protection if you are working indoors.

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