Best Gravity Feed Spray Gun – Guide about Pneumatic Paint Sprayer

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We all want to put a lot of work and more detail into our artwork and DIY projects. But the process of using a brush and paint can take hours, thus making the whole process tiring and not enjoyable. Thus, the gravity feed spray gun is the best option for more detailed and precise artwork. Not only is this gun suitable for a variety of projects, but it also gives a fantastic finish that is compared to none. So, how does it work?




Defining a Gravity Feed Spray Gun

The main difference between the two types of spray guns is how the paint gets released into the airbrush spray gun. Gravity-feed spray guns are well known for having a cup that is found on top of the gun. As the name suggests by itself, paint uses gravity to flow into the airbrush sprayer. Thus, paint is loaded into the nozzle for it to be used. On the other hand, siphon-feed guns have a paint cup that is attached below the spray gun. Thus, the gun uses pressure to pull the paint. These guns are suitable for large-scale projects because the spray gun can pull a large amount of paint into the cup.

Thus, the main difference rests on how the paint is loaded into the nozzle. This might be a small detail, but it plays an important role in how the spray guns work. We will look at the best spray guns below:



HVLP Gravity Feed Spray Guns

HVLP (High Volume, Low Pressure) is the most common system used by gravity feed spray guns. These spray guns operate at low pressure, but they release a large quantity of paint. The low pressure gives you control when using the spray gun. Finer details can be created since less paint will be over-sprayed. Because of the low pressure, this spray gun is not suitable for large-scale projects. Thus, it is only suitable for small and more precise projects.

gravity paint guns


Why Choose a Gravity Feed Paint Sprayers?

The most usable and incredible gravity feed spray guns have a lot of benefits. They are suitable for small projects and are mostly preferred by hobbyists or anyone doing basic DIY projects around their homes. The following are some of the benefits you gain when using the best gravity feed spray gun:

  • Gravity feed spray guns operate under low pressure. Thus, they are suitable for beginners since they are not too complicated to handle. This low pressure that is close to the compressor makes the spray gun easier to use.
  • These guns are not wasteful because they use low pressure in the process of atomizing paint. This is because less paint will be released at each time, thus preventing wastage.
  • Because of the few over sprays, it also means there will be less mess. This is because an airbrush causes a lot of mess when it is operating, thus a gravity feed spray gun is mess-free. It is most suited for people who do indoor projects.
  • These guns offer high levels of precision that allow you to have much control over the gun. The spray gun will produce a fine finish since it will be controlled when doing finer details. For this reason, the spray gun is most suited for small projects and models which require a lot of finer details.
  • This gun also makes the process of changing paint quite easy. You just empty the top-loading cup, use the color to spray the gun clean, and then add your new paint.
  • Besides making the process of changing colors easy, you can also mix the colors with much ease. This will enable you to create the best color transitions and the most intense color details when you are airbrushing.
  • This gun is quite easy to clean as compared to the pressure gun.
  • The gun is quite small and easy to carry around. You can easily pack it for traveling and use it for a variety of uses.
  • The spray gun can handle a small amount of paint. This means that you can load a small amount of paint for the best quick touchups. This is quite a difficult process if you are using a large paint sprayer.

hvlp gravity feed spray guns


Drawbacks of Gravity Feed Paint Sprayers

Besides having a lot of benefits as listed above, these gravity feed spray guns have their drawbacks too. The following is a list of some of the drawbacks associated with using a gravity feed spray gun:

  • The paint cup is quite small; thus, you will not be able to carry large amounts of paint when working as compared to using a siphon-feed gun. Thus, the gravity-feed spray gun is not suitable for large-scale projects since you will be forced to do a lot of refilling all the time.
  • These guns work best with thinner paints. So, you cannot use them with heavier paints. Or else you might need to thin down the paint before use.
  • The gun is not suitable for spraying at different angles because the paint must flow down from the cup that will be on top of the gun. The design of the gun is not suitable for spraying upside-down or from the side.



Best Gravity Feed Spray Guns

These spray guns are quite popular, thus a lot of them are available for use on different types of projects. Thus, the process of getting the best brand becomes difficult. Thus, we have come up with a list of the best gravity-feed spray guns.

air spray gun



Best Overall: DEWALT HVLP Gravity Feed Spray Gun

If you are looking for the best HVLP gun from a trusted brand, look no further than this Dewalt gravity feed spray gun. This gun is no exception when it comes to the best of the best. It is quite easy to carry around because of its lightweight. It is made from quality materials ranging from aluminum parts to having an effective mini air regulator. To have an accurate and balanced use, this gravity feed spray gun özgü the high-volume low-pressure feature. The paint cup is about 600cc in size. This size is big enough to handle large-scale projects while keeping the spray gun small and convenient. The nozzle is versatile because of the 1.5 mm size. This gun uses a pressure of about 30 PSI when operating, thus it uses a low-pressure compressor.

DEWALT HVLP Spray Gun, Gravity Feed
  • Gravity high volume, low-pressure design
  • 600cc aluminum paint cup with lid
  • Small, lightweight diaphragm mini air regulator

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  • Özgü a well-balanced design
  • Comes with a mini regulator
  • Lightweight for easy handling
  • The gun is durable
  • Good-sized paint cup
  • Özgü an efficient HVLP spray system


  • Not suitable for thicker paints


Best DIY Spray Gun: GRACO-SHARPE HVLP Paint Spray Gun

This model of spray gun is best suited for your DIY projects or any other home renovation projects. It özgü an incredible spray size and pattern; thus, it allows you to perform above par. It also comes with a 1.4mm spray nozzle, that enables it to fit most household projects. However, you can also get the nozzle in different sizes like 1.0mm, 1.3mm, 1.5mm, or 1.8mm. This gun is the perfect choice if you are looking for something lightweight and easy to use.

GRACO-SHARPE HVLP FX3000 Paint Spray Gun, 1.0 mm
  • 1.0 mm HVLP Gravity Feed Spray Gun
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Includes FX3000 gun, 600cc aluminum cup, wrench and cleaning brush

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It offers a lot of precision with its performance; thus, it prevents the problems of over sprays. This is the perfect spray gun if you are looking for something that can last longer in the long run. Its durability is based on its aluminum make, engineered plastic, and stainless steel. The spray gun kit also contains a 600cc paint cup that is made from aluminum. Also included in the kit, is a wrench and a cleaning brush. This is the whole package that will keep the spray gun in good working condition. Overall, this spray gun is one of the best because it özgü a combination of excellent features. These include a good consistent spray gun, quality materials, easy to handle, and so on. The nozzle sizes make this spray gun suitable for a variety of uses. The spray gun özgü a large sprayer that can handle many jobs.


  • Can spray efficiently and accurately
  • Suitable for all low-pressure compressors
  • Comes with a cleaning brush
  • It is easy to handle and use
  • Consists of a good-sized paint cup
  • It is lightweight


  • Does not come with an air regulator
  • You must purchase the hose separately



Best Professional Choice: FUJI SPRAY Gravity Spray Gun

This is the best top-rated professional spray gun that özgü excellent features. There is an attached side pattern knob that you can use to adjust fan pattern size. You can also change it to suit big and small projects according to your preferences. It is the best spray gun when it comes to accuracy. It produces an accurate paint stream, thus preventing unnecessary air from blowing around through its design. There is a high-efficiency air cap feature that prevents any over sprays. This enables a perfect paint atomization process. The spray gun özgü 100% stainless steel components. Thus, enables better durability.

FUJI SPRAY 5175G - T75G Gravity Spray Gun
  • Convenient side pattern control knob to adjust size of fan pattern from small to large
  • Non-Bleed Spray Gun for less blowing around of shop dust
  • High-Efficiency Air cap installed for even less overspray and superb atomization

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All the parts of this spray gun have been designed in such a way that enables an excellent painting experience. The material for the handle is nylon-made thus enabling a better and effortless grip. It özgü incredible features which include a fluid control knob, efficient air-cap, an easy trigger, and much more. All these features enable the spray gun to create a lightweight and flawless spray pattern.


  • Easy to use and handle
  • Produces a perfect paint stream
  • Comes with a high-efficiency cap
  • Özgü stainless steel fluid passages
  • The control knob is adjustable
  • Provides an amazing spray finish
  • Produces accurate spray patterns



Factors to Consider when Buying a Gravity Feed Spray Gun

Getting the correct gravity feed spray gun is quite an important process and it should be taken seriously. The whole process depends on specific situations because most of the gravity spray guns look alike. Thus, we have come up with a list of some of the specific features you can look for when buying one:


Size of the Cup

The paint cup used by the spray gun is an important aspect to consider. The amount of paint is determined by the size of the cup. Thus, determining how long you can use the spray gun. It is advisable to stick to a paint cup size of 600cc. Thus, the correct cup size can carry enough paint for easy use. However, some artists and painters prefer a small-sized cup for smaller projects, and others prefer big-sized cups for bigger projects.


Size of the Nozzle

The size of the nozzle matters a lot because it is the part of the spray gun that expels paint. The size of the paint stream is affected by the nozzle size. Moreover, it also affects how the paint will be atomized. Big-sized nozzles are perfect for bigger projects while the opposite is true for the small nozzles.

You can use a small nozzle for thin and more detailed lines. It is best to use a nozzle size of 0.3mm to 0.5mm. These sizes are perfect for a variety of uses. Other spray gun models come with adjustable nozzles that you can change and use the size you want at any time.

pneumatic paint sprayer


Airflow Adjustment

The spray gun should give you enough control over the airflow. This is because airflow affects the outcome of the spray pattern. If you can adjust the airflow to suit your preferences, then the spray gun will be easier to use. You will also get excellent and precise results.


Dual-Action or Single-Action Trigger

There are two types of triggers associated with gravity feed spray guns. The single-action trigger is only capable of pulling in one way. This means that it is only capable of delivering an amount of paint spray that is fixed. On the other hand, you can pull the double-action trigger in two directions and you can adjust the paint flow size. This type of trigger can be used in a variety of ways and the spray control pattern can be adjusted. Most painters prefer the dual-action trigger, but it requires a bit of experience to be able to control the paint sprayer without making a mess.


Weight and Size

Most of the gravity feed spray guns are quite small, thus working with a heavier machine can be tiring unless if you are working on a large project. However, choose a lightweight paint sprayer that is compact enough to make the painting process much easier.


External/Internal Mixing

You should choose between an internal or external mixing system when you are choosing the right gravity feed spray gun. This is the atomization point where the air mixes with paint. Most sprayers use an internal mixing system, and it is used by most serious and professional users. The external mixing system is perfect for small applications.



What are Gravity Feed Spray Guns Used For?

These spray guns are not suitable for large projects since they use lower pressure when they are spraying paint. They are best suited for small paint applications, DIY jobs, touch-ups, and so on. This depends on the cup size too. Gravity feed spray guns are also perfect for düzgüsel home users and painters.


Cleaning the Paint Sprayer

The spray gun must be cleaned after every session. This also goes for when you are changing colors. You must clean the gun whenever you change colors. Thus, gravity feed systems are quite easy to clean. If you are doing a thorough clean you have to take the gun apart first and then clean it. You must do this process with a proper cleaning kit or an airbrush.

Cleaning the spray gun is important! Do not joke around. Consider the cleaning kit when you are purchasing a gravity feed spray gun as this will be one of the processes you will be doing regularly. Do a quick clean when you change your paint to a new color.

This will prevent unwanted color mixes which might result in strange colors being expelled. You can do this quick clean by spraying water or a cleaning solution until the spray is clean. The one that is easier to clean is the spray gun that özgü a paint cup on top.

gravity feed paint sprayer



Frequently Asked Questions


What Does Pneumatic Paint Sprayer Mean?

This kind of system uses compressed air in the process of expelling paint from the paint sprayer onto the surface. The pneumatic paint sprayer produces an even and smooth finish that is quite easy to use. These sprayer systems are cheaper as compared to HVLP or airless paint sprayers.


Is There a Reason Why my Spray Gun is Not Spraying?

Your spray gun might not be spraying due to a couple of reasons. This might be due to a clogging in the nozzle, or a clogged passage inside the paint sprayer. A loose nozzle might also cause the same mesele. This is because a loose nozzle will not be able to supply enough air to the gun. You can correct this by dissembling, then thoroughly clean each part then reassemble the gun once again.


Is it Better to Use a Gravity Paint Gun?

There is no better option when it comes to buying a paint sprayer. Your best choice will depend upon your preferences and the method of application you want to use. If you want to do a smaller project, then the gravity feed spray gun is the best choice. This is because small projects require non-intensive paint applications. However, they are not recommended for bigger jobs like house painting.


Can You Spray Latex Paint Using a Gravity Feed Gun?

It is possible to use gravity feed guns to spray latex paint. You must consider two things first though, the consistency of the paint and check whether the manufacturer recommends you use the machine on latex paints. These guns can spray any type of paint if the paint özgü the correct consistency. If the paint is too thick, you must thin it with distilled water or by using a special paint thinner.


The best gravity feed spray gun offers a lot of advantages for you and your projects. This will make the process of painting quite enjoyable. These spray guns are perfect for home use and most DIY projects. Thus, you can easily use it for your home jobs without requiring the services of an expert. We hope this article will be helpful during your shopping process. Enjoy your spray gun painting!

spraying latex paint with gravity feed gun


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